Supply Chain Optimization


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Supply Chain Optimization: Product Sourcing and Development

Product sourcing and development is a integral step in the supply chain optimization process. Together with our customers we have developed a product that completely revolutionized their companies’ sourcing strategy. Many of our customers have dedicated Meridian International’s Southampton Terminal as their Sourcing and Development center in the USA. This means that we have the rights to Purchase, Negotiate, and Find more cost effective products here in the States.

By giving Meridian International the control to purchase and coordinate delivery of your products to our facility, we have greater control to ensure all items are available for shipment when they are needed. Furthermore, appointing Meridian International as your Purchasing Agent, we can relieve your company from dealing with Vendors across multiple time zones.

Advantages to Using Supply Chain Optimization:

  • Turn Key Solutions
  • We handle all the necessary processes, from financing to all paperwork
  • Overflow storage from manufacturing / distribution productions
  • Customers do not need to be involved in the logistics of the shipment, storage, or transportation.

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