Cross Docking and Transloading


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What is Cross Docking?

Cross docking allows Meridian International‘s┬ácustomers to reduce handling and storage costs while improving turnaround speed and transportation costs. By routing products from different sites into Meridian International‘s distribution center we can consolidate the items into one or multiple shipments and send them back out.

As an example, your goods are shipped in bulk to our warehouse where we deconsolidate the goods into multiple shipments and then ship them directly to your clients.

Value added services such as labeling, sorting, repackaging, or product assembly are just some of the advantages to using Meridian International.

Cross Docking is ideal for customers who:

  • Ship items from one or many facilities to one location on order to do additional work
  • Have special circumstances where the customer needs to off load a container’s goods into a 53′ van, without incurring storage charges
  • Require consolidation of multiple shipments into a bulk shipment
  • Require deconsolidation of a bulk shipment into many smaller shipments directly to your customer (this is used where our customer would have many manufacturing/origin points shipped to our distribution center in order tp complete order fulfillment
  • Want to reduce overhead costs in storing their inventory “in-house”

We are able to handle all types of specialty cross docking services- please contact us for more information!